• I am Brenda Brown, and I welcome you to Brown’s Charters, the best in Bahamas deep sea fishing excursions. If sports fishing is your passion, than we can fuel your dreams right here!

    My husband, Michael Brown, and I have built Brown’s Charters together and watched it grow into the well-respected, well-reputed, best charter company operating in Nassau. Captain Brown is an eighth-generation captain and fisherman. He began working on boats in 1952, at the age of thirteen. He received his Master’s License in 1957, and after a successful 19-year career as a private captain, he bought his first yacht in 1975 and established Brown’s Charters. As for me, I’ve stood by his side for the past 39 years. I run the office and oversee all our group charters.

    Today, after many years in the industry, Captain Brown is still untouchable! Not only has he helped numerous sea boat captains and charter boat captains with their careers, but he is also a champion fisherman and the most respected charter boat captain in the country today. His goal is to continuously offer the best in deep sea sport fishing and make his guests’ experience one they will never forget.


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    Brown's Charters has a fleet of 4 ships to satisfy all your fishing needs.
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    Our crew is experienced and trained to help you get the big catches!